In my last blog post and in my book I discuss Safe love and the importance of having it. But what happens when love isn’t safe anymore?

I have been in many relationships that started out safe but turned into something I wish I never started. In some instances I was convinced to stay in a relationship that I knew was wrong for me and suffered the consciences. I wasn’t strong enough to listen to the red flags that my intuition was screaming in high alert.


It was because of the lower vibration that I was living inside myself. I had low self-worth, low self-esteem and a limited belief that “I wasn’t good enough”. I was living in the energetic state of “lack” and “longing” which caused me to have the wrong intentions when it came to love. I was attracting the kind of people who would re-enforce those feelings because like attracts like. I was actually repelling the thing I longed for the most, “forever love.’

Sometimes what appears to be “Forever Love” is just a version of what we think love should be.  We have high hopes and low emotional vibrations that mix into a cocktail of love equals worry. In some relationships they may start out safe with hot chemistry but as time goes on, what you thought was safe becomes a little cloudy with negative emotions and negative behavior. We want the relationship so badly that we convince ourselves that we can work things out or we compromise ourselves to make it work.

Not only does safe love becomes diluted with negative energy, it goes deeper than that, energetically it directs our thoughts, actions, reaction to thoughts, feelings and intentions. It creates a fertile field of doubt seeds into a full energy harvest of worry and fear.

First off what is diluted love?

“Diluted Love” Is full of compromise, listening to just enough to make you doubt yourself in negative ways. It infiltrates our thinking to accept that “love equals worry.” The energy around that concept creates a place of justification and points the finger at everyone but you. It is the cloudy judgment of being with the wrong people and is always waiting for you to make wrong choices to judge and criticize you until you beat yourself up with shame and guilt. Diluted love keeps you in bondage to low energy emotions that feed your fears and keeps you from ever believing in yourself.”  EXCERPT FROM LOVE BEATS

When you are living in diluted love, you really don’t know it, it seems as if the templets, programs and the stories you tell yourself are the primary focus. You tend to think of yourself with a sort of victim mentality. I call it the “to me” state of awareness.

All situations and events are based on the idea that everything is happening to me. Living in the “to me energy” is a stagnation energy that is void of “creation” energy. When we live in the space of everything is happening to me, we do not chose to create a new situation. We are at the mercy of our thoughts and beliefs. We aren’t able to move into a co-creation awareness, where we are a co-creator of our reality. The worst part of diluted love is it keeps us from loving ourselves.

In our next post we are going to talk about why it is so important to recognize the downward spiral of diluted love.