In my last post I spoke about how safe loves becomes unsafe with the infiltration of negative energy. Negative energy is merely lower vibrational emotions and thoughts.In relationships, it happens when you are subjected to the lower energies from a love partner or from any experience that brought you negative feelings. The energy goes deep into your body and leaves a trail of negative energy that stays into your soul. Dramatic experiences in love begin to settle into your soul as rejection and you begin to think that you are not good enough, or not worthy to have love.

We begin to think about all the “ whys” of a failed relationship only to give into negative thoughts about ourselves, those negative thoughts take away our power. Love revolves around worry and insecurity. We begin the downward spiral of negative energy in ourselves with shame, guilt, unworthiness and fear.

Those are lower energy vibrations and we find ourselves doing things that compromise ourselves until we don’t recognize ourselves. We begin to justify our behavior to have a relationship at any cost.

The downward spiral begins to torment us with bad choices or settling in relationships that are not good for us. We continue our reasoning and as we do, we continue to give away pieces of our soul. Our fragmented self traps the lower energy emotions of fear and worry. We are insecure and we begin to create the atmosphere of dark love. We are afraid to leave a bad relationship because we don’t want to be alone.

I mention in my book Love Beats that “Dark Love” is the most dangerous love of all. It is seductive, controlling and spell binding. It has hidden agendas and toxic behavior. It is based on fear and driven to negative energies of shame, guilt and apathy. It creates in us a belief that love and fear are combined, which is what makes it dark. Excerpt of Love Beats

What does that mean?

It means that you have confused love with fear.
You have experienced a traumatic relationship that has planted a seed of dark love inside your soul, keeping you from attracting healthy loving relationships. It is often the attachment of one person or one idea of what love means to you. When you are in this negative energy flow, you begin to repeat the dating cycles over and over. You can not release the love chemistry you felt with the lover and you live in the fear of not ever having the same feeling of love.
This creates the “want” energy that keeps you attracting dark love partners keeping you in the same cycle of dark love. Like attracts like remember? You are not able to release the negative energy with in you because you are attached to it in some way. Maybe memories of what used to be, or the hot chemistry you once had together.
This sort of energy is addiction and it is not love. Dark love energy keeps you in the dark, it keeps you guessing and keep you on your toes. You are not validated in healthy ways and you are afraid to be yourself in fear of losing your love. It keeps you “wanting” and it need to be fed with more negative energy, experiences and emotions. The spiral of energy is always going downward and is absent of joy or the higher vibrational energy of peace. It keeps you restless and moving toward the dark.
How do we see the light of a dark love relationship? In my next post, I will give you the key to the most important revelation I learned about love energy and how we can tap into it in any situation.