In my book LOVE BEATS, I fell in “dark love” with “Mr. Fabulous” who appeared to be fabulous but was not. I actually saw qualities in him that made me question myself and my feelings towards him. I began to notice things about him that were not very attractive but I ignored them because I wanted to have a relationship at any cost. When I did, I felt my emotions turn from feeling loved to feeling insecure and powerless.  It was mentally draining trying to figure out where I stood in the relationship. Did he love me? Am I “the one?” It became my main focus and the insecurity grew.

I didn’t understand, before the relationship I was a confident woman with a very successful career but the dark love relationship caused me to be emotionally off balanced and a receiver of mixed messages that kept me guessing. The constant emotional roller coaster always had me up and down and I never could find a place to land. Energetically I became depleted and weak, I couldn’t see my way out of the situation.

When my situation grew worst, I took comfort in nature. I walked out my problems by going to parks, greenways or areas of beauty. I always took a journal to jot down any thoughts that I had during my times of reflection. I began to open my heart to see the real truth of my situation. When I plugged into nature I would begin to open to the alignment of my heart’s true desires and needs. Getting into alignment is a much better state of being than staying in fear of the situation.

When you can escape the turbulent moment with nature as your guide, you have the ability to tap into LIFE!

The easiest way to plug into nature is to breathe. You just have to take one deep breath and continue breathing. The circumstances that you feel in your turmoil will begin to fade away and the beauty that surrounds you will take over your emotions. Your body automatically knows what to do even when your mind is racing. Your body will become one with air, the earth and the sky. You are tapping into the energy of life.You are actually breathing life! Taking breath from nature’s open space energetically opens your soul to possibilities again.

It is there you will be able to make sense and feel a bigger presence besides yourself. You may feel the emotion of not being loved but it doesn’t bother you as much because your present surroundings are being energetically stimulating to your physical body and you can just let the beauty of the moment over take you.

I remember in the turbulent times of a stormy relationship, I was constantly belittled, emotionally abused and made to feel inferior. I would take a moment and walk outside or make time to meditate  in the woods. The replay of what happened would be silenced by the beauty of nature and my wisdom would slowly come alive.

It is the place of stillness that helps you to connect to faith. It is in the place of solitude that you can hear the small still voice of your inner wisdom that whispers in your heart to create your solutions. It is in that place of creation and reflection the answers come to light.

When you are in a bad relationship you can honor yourself by looking at what is true by tapping into nature and your inner wisdom. You can begin to realize what you truly need and what your heart’s desires are, you can creatively come up with ways of escape and let the Universe start to set things in motion on your behalf. When you open yourself to the possibilities you open yourself to hope and faith.

In my next blog post I will be diving into the reason we keep picking the same sort of relationships.