In my last post we talked about taking the first step to leave a dark love by the light of truth! How do we protect ourself from dark love?

In relationships, each of us carry energetic patterns of beliefs, experiences, stories and templets about who we are and our own definition about love. We carry this energy in each relationship but if we are lacking in a particular area, we are actually attracting that which we are lacking in ourselves.

Let me explain, when we are feeling lonely we are broadcasting out to the world we are lonely. Receptors in other people will be drawn to that and we will actually attract people into our lives that are just as lonely as we are! We can be in a relationship with a person and still feel lonely. Do you see how it works?

If there are thought patterns of “you’re not good enough”, then the frequencies that you are broadcasting will attract relationships that will enforce those feelings. I first realized this when I was with Mr. Fabulous. He was everything I wanted, so I thought. I had not done the deeper work to understand the energy that I was living in. I was longing to have a relationship at the age of 50, and when Mr. Fabulous came into my life he came to answer the frequency I was broadcasting.

When I had the courage to walk away from the bad relationship I took the first step to freedom and I was able to release the negative patterns of dark love. I was no longer a victim and I was able to understand that I could co-create my future relationships. I was able to break free of the attachment of dark love and open myself to a healthy loving relationship.

How did I do this? I became aware of the signs.

There are signs all around us, giving clues and helping us make decisions. We ignore them most of the time because we are so busy or just don’t want to see them. We are not aware of them when they come to us.

I began to notice signs when I tapped into nature and my faith, I looked at everything with a new perspective and my awareness made me see things clearly. I couldn’t tolerate the old way of living in the abusive relationship and knew in my heart that he wasn’t good for me.

I listened to inner wisdom, looked at the cause behind my feelings in all situations surrounding my relationship with him and obeyed the signs. It was when I followed the signs that I found myself on a path to forever love.

When I first met my husband the first sign I felt was peace. I didn’t know him at all at first but the energy that I felt with him was peace. When I felt this peace, it gave me a sense of safety. He wasn’t like any other man I had met in that respect.

When I usually met a man, I was anxious and wanted to impress him. I wanted them to like me. I was in the energy of want, a low vibrational struggle energy. I still had places in my heart that still needed to be healed.

But before I met my husband I had recognized the old patterns I was in and had healed those broken places in myself. I let go of the old negative energies that surrounded love and had a peaceful vibration living on the inside of me. There was a new vibration I was broadcasting to the Universe and it was coming to me in the form of this new man in my life.

I had to continue to read the signs to understand that he was actually good for me, you see I was not totally healed from my dark love relationships, I still had an old thought pattern for not trusting men.

It was one weekend day when David and I were in the early stages of dating when he bought me flowers. It was a beautiful bouquet of flowers that had bloomed bright and vibrant. While I was jogging on the path a few days later, I saw the beautiful flowers in my mind’s eye and I heard these words “David is good for you.” I heard them over and over in my mind and a lightbulb went off in my head! He is GOOD FOR ME! I was always good for the guy but the guy wasn’t good for me!!

My inner wisdom gave me the one sign that changed the way I saw David. It gave me a new perspective and I was able to open my heart to receive the love David had for me. In that instant I knew I was on the path to forever love and all I had to do was to receive it.

I ask you to look at the situation you are in and how it makes you feel, if you feel anything other than peace and safety then take a closer look at the energy that surrounds it. If you are in the the lower vibrations of fear, worry or doubt then you need to start becoming aware of the signs.

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