One of the biggest lessons I learned about myself was the gap between my mind and my heart. When I look back to all the times I thought about having a happily ever life and actually moving towards it, there was always a battle to get my mind and heart to align with my dreams.


When we live in our minds about what we want, whether in love or in life we make our decisions based on information, criteria based on a pattern of recognition. We tend to think in a logical arrangement of data that we decipher as the truth. Our minds tend to operate on the things it can control during a decision process from but the heart operates on the feelings it feels.

That explains when we become more aware of the feelings in our hearts we notice that things don’t always make logical sense.


When we tap into our hearts there is an inner experience of relief, joy and awe we become enlightened to something bigger than us and there is an unseen force that helps understand the truth in a new perspective.


Personally, I was able to bridge the truth of energy and the way it motivates us to our reality. Back in my “God Years” (a term I used in my book Love Beats as I lived an enlightened life) I referred to a scripture in the Psalms as a way of greater awareness in my belief in God.


Psalm 37:4 reads: Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.


If I could expound on the verse with the energy of my interpretation it would read something like this:

Delight yourself means to have a strong feelings from the heart (energy) of happiness, or satisfaction with your higher wisdom and your higher wisdom will supply you with the secret petitions of feelings from your heart.”


Desires can be strong mental or heartfelt energies. It can be a strong emotion (which is thought + feeling) OR just felt and believed. When a desire is coupled with a thought it could turn into “want” energy with the driving force to attain or conquer something. That energy can get magnified into craving, longing yearning if it is mixed with the lower energies of fear and worry.


Desires of the heart are felt in just believing and not trying to figure out the how, when and why. When a desire is based from the feelings from the heart, the energy is belief, which is a higher vibration than “want.”


“Want” is based from the energy of lack, or deficiency, it is the energy of “trying.” Our minds are created to figure things out, but when we are living in our mental desires we are always “trying” to figure out how to make things the way we “want” them or to possess some imaginary dream. That sort of energy is a lower vibration and it makes us do things that we wouldn’t normally do to just to have what our minds want. It can also escalate to actions of desperation just to get what we think we want.


Heartfelt desires come from the place of higher wisdom or the spirit. They are filled with life force. It is in that energy where belief and possibilities are opened up. Your inner wisdom opens your mind to recognize there is something bigger than you in the equation. It is a place that ignites hope and joy. When you are in the higher vibrations of hope and joy, you are aligning your heart with your heart’s desires.