I always like the fall season and when the leaves turn colors. It is an active reminder that the season will change. The time change is a another reminder that there is a new rhythm to life. Seasons change and so do we. There is a rhythm to our lives and it is controlled by what we do and what surrounds us.

During the fall season we are reminded that it will soon become darker earlier and the weather will be cold and harsh, leaving us indoors to stay warm and cozy. Some of us will slow down to snail’s pace while others will have the busiest times of the season. It is a time to find your pace and see how energy can serve you. It is time to recognize the choice for a change.

I have realized when I recognize I have a choice to change something, it is actually a choice to create and manifest. It is the place where the decision can catapult you into a new deliberate direction or the choice can keep you from moving forward at all.

Choice is power and power is choice.

Choice is the conductor of all manifestation because what you choose to believe is what you choose to create.

You can choose to live your dream or just choose to dream.

Let me explain… In chapter 7 of my book LOVE BEATS, my best friend Linda and I made the choice to go on a road trip together with the intention of saying good-bye to our fathers who had passed away. We chose the journey to have meaning for each of us and to adjust our chaotic  lives. By giving intention to the trip, it gave the Universe the green light to make things happen on our behalf. We were both looking for something in our lives to change.

Fueled by courage and unity, we were empowered to change. When that energy merged with a powerful intention, the high energy of choice put us on a spiritual path which created a transformational experience that changed our lives. In the sequence of purposeful decisions we reclaimed our true selves and began a path of self-love. When we opened ourselves to the possibilities, we opened our hearts to give and receive love.

When you change your rhythm to courage you change the vibration of your current situation. When you are courageous in a decision to move forward with a new step of faith you are making the choice to work with the Universe/God to move towards your destiny. You become the one who creates your new reality. The new creation pulls you out of your old circumstance to raise your vibration and raise your energy.

In my next post I will reveal other ways you can change your rhythm to VIBE UP!