Change doesn’t have to be difficult.

When we go through the season of the year nature knows what to do. The trees change color and the leaves drop off, animals gather food for the winter and there is an interworking of nature behind the scenes to make things happen when it is springtime. This  is also what is happening with us,  recognizing the seasons of change.

When we recognize that we are in a new season, or when we are stuck in the same old patterns; we are become aware it is time to embrace change.

When we embrace change we are opening to possibilities.

Opening to possibilities gives us a new energy to work with, we can co-create our new reality and we can receive the desires of our hearts.

When we resist change we are resisting something new, and we are resisting our ability to create a new reality for our lives. We become stuck in the same old patterns and it becomes impossible to get what we truly desire.

Resistance is the wrong energy to choose if you want to manifest abundance in your life.  However, not all resistance is bad;  it could be a warning to let you know you are not aligned with your true hearts desires or you are not in the right timing. I have learned that when resistance to change comes up it is either fear based feeling or for a feeling of uncertainty. If your feelings are fearful it will keep you staying in the same pattern almost chaining you to the same things in life. If it is a fear of uncertainty or what’s next, you can embrace that fear by making it an adventure. What’s next? I will create what is next, you can actually put forth the energy of creation. Fueled by feelings of creation you are able to manifest a new reality.

You can decide to choice the “creation energy “ instead of allowing your circumstances to dictate your life keeping you in fear.

When the storms of life blow your way, see if it is warning you of change something in your life. Ask yourself, how will this change affect me? Will I be happy or will I be right? You can raise your vibration by saying yes to change.

Can you do something small to find your own rhythm.   

What do you do in your daily routine?   Is it something that makes you happy, healthy or wise? Is it something that brings you joy? If not, shake it up!

Change your rhythm,  find your beat, VIBE UP!  During the new moon make an effort to follow the up coming new moon cycle starting this week. Make a simple change by tapping into the moon cycles, making intentions during the new moons and releasing them during the full moons.  Plugging into nature and taking walks or just enjoying the beauty of your area, think of the things about your environment that bring you joy or comfort. The energy released will raise your vibrations instantly, it is like a booster shot of joy energy!

Sing, dance, and take a class during the winter months to keep yourself active and living freely. It is all up to you and how you want to move forward to create the life you hoped for. You will be surprised at the seemingly small energy boosts that will happen throughout the day to raise your vibrations to change your life! Your life changes when you change your rhythm!