Forgive and forget? How can I do that when I can’t get it out of my head?

How is that possible?

Forgiveness seems to be showing up all over the internet lately.

I was on Facebook over the weekend and someone posted about forgiveness. She was asking for advise about how she should take the first step in forgiving a man she was in a relationship with who had betrayed her over and over. She had a child with this man and allowed his behavior for the sake of the child. I didn’t weigh in on the comments as there were so many of them, some advise was truth and some was skewed with ideals but all of them had a form of release attached to them.

Forgiveness is an action with energy attached to it, through intention and a dose of heartfelt decision the energy is a powerful tool towards healing. When your heartfelt intention to forgive is resonated with the sound of “I am sorry for hurting you” or “I am sorry for my part of this relationship and the choice I made to stay in an unhealthy relationship.”

You are sending vibrations to the Universe/God/Source to help you align to your true heart’s desires.

Your heart wants to forgive because it is created to love and the way it loves is to accept unconditionally. Through Divine grace and love our hearts can be healed to love again. Not only do we release the negative emotions and negative energy that is gets trapped in our minds and hearts.

When the negative energy of “unforgiving” is actively working, it appears as bitterness, anger and guilt or shame. It forms negative energies within your body which cause disease, your ability to love shuts down and you find yourself unable to trust or commit to any relationships, including the one with yourself. When you shut down loving yourself, you shut down the ability to love…period. You were not created to shut yourself off from love, you are love.

Being in love with a toxic person will pollute your awareness stream. Look at it as your “pure love” as a sweet well of fresh healthy water. As soon as you let any contaminates into that water, it becomes tainted and it starts to have negative value in the original pristine waters. The contaminated bacteria feeds off other bacteria and the water becomes polluted. The water is no good for your consumption.

That is the same with energy.

When you get into toxic relationships it brings your energy level to a lower vibration and eventually brings you down. It is best to separate yourself from the negative behavior, release it and move on.

Make the heartfelt prayer of forgiveness starting with you, forgive yourself for not making the best choices in life and learn to make better ones. Next forgive those who have hurt you and those who you have hurt. Embrace the fact that the experience made you feel something that you may have never felt before, but allow your emotions to pour out of your energy field, and ask God/ Universe to change the energy it to love. As you do, you will release the negative energy.   Forgiveness is freedom!