Love Beats Going Deeper Series

Tuning into the Deeper Beat of Your Heart


“Tune into Love, as we go deeper into your heart!”

Transformational Author, Laurie Winn discusses the five different loves in her book. Each session goes deeper behind the “energy” of Safe Love, Diluted Love, Dark Love, Divine Love, becoming Forever Love.


Session 1
SAFE LOVE -“Tuning into YOU!

  • Keeping stable in a crazy world
  • Energy basics and chakras
  • Color Harmonics
  • Reading the energy

Session 2
DILUTED LOVE -“Tuning into your

  • The big why? Energy in motion –
  • Confusion and limiting beliefs
  • The Power of EMOTIONS
  • The frequency of love 528HZ

Session 3

  • Opening your heart to go deep into surrender and detachment.
  • Learn the constrictive energies of toxic relationships
  • Overcoming the fear-based lies
  • Releasing the pain points of broken relationships with drumming.

Session 4

DIVINE LOVE – “Tuning into the Rhythm of LOVE”

  • The Frequency of GOD
  • 528 HZ raising your frequency
  • Overcoming the fear-based lies
  • Discernment and the voice of God/Source
  • Mindful tools to empower your energy
  • The rhythm of giving and receiving love.

Laurie Winn is a Transformational Author and Energy Practitioner. She introduces cutting edge technology that helps us balance our lives. Her workshops take us deeper into how our energy affects our relationships, ourselves, others and God. Discover the deeper parts of who we are and how we can balance body, soul and spirit to live healthier lives.

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Vibe Up! 2017

Vibe Up! 2017