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”This book touched me to my core. Reading Laurie’s story and taking in her wisdom reminded me that every step we take, no matter how challenging, brings its blessings with it. Like other readers, I couldn’t put it down — I had to know how her story ended! As Laurie tells us, we don’t have to settle or accept less than we deserve! If you have any struggles with love, intimacy, or relationships in your own life, I highly recommend this book.” Jennifer S

Session 1 Safe Love “Tuning into You”
“Coming soon”

Session 1 includes:

  • Energy Basics – Aura and chakras energy centers
  • Color Harmonics and how they work
  • Mind vs Soul
  • Introduction to “SAFE LOVE” feeling safe to love.
  • Two guided rhythmic meditations

Session 2 Diluted Love “Tuning into Your Heart”

“Coming soon”

Session 2 includes:

  • Energy in motion – The frequencies of Emotions

  • The power of emotions.

  • Recognizing insecurity HEART ISSUES – It’s a mother/father balance


  • Heart beat rhythm meditations/ activities

Vibe Up! 2017

Vibe Up! 2017